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Four men meet one woman. Not a balance of power.

Claire has a problem. She has had several men in her successful life as a criminal author. Now, she is going to turn 35 (again) and is in search of a husband to abandon single life forever. In the evening before her birthday, she asks her four best relations Charles, Hakim, Sacha and Riutchi over to dinner hoping to get somehow shocked by the simultaneous appearance of all of them together in order to be able to decide on one of them to be her husband forever. But it doesn't work out too well: She kills Sacha accidentally with a knife. Over-reacting, she hides him in the freezer and tries to keep everyone out of the kitchen. When the police arrive just to tell her about some robberies in the neighbourhood, poor Claire is close to breaking down. Instead, she accidentally kills her next friend. While desperately calling her sister for assistance in hiding the bodies, things keep getting worse...


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