Netflix Movies Starring Yasmin Kassim

Yasmin Kassim was born on May 21 in Perth, Western Australia. Yasmin stars opposite Daniel Radcliffe in 'Jungle' directed by 'Wolf Creek' creator Greg McLean along with Joel Jackson and Alex Russell. Prior to this Yasmin played the popular character 'Shay Quill' on iconic Australian soap opera 'Neighbours.' Yasmin also worked with Kelsey Grammar in another US feature 'Guardians of the Tomb.' Yasmin worked on various Australian films including 'Love is Now', '54 Days' and 'Locks of Love' and 2 short films directed by 'The Sapphires' Wayne Blair, one of which, 'Lie' also starred Daniel Macpherson and was shortlisted as a Tropfest finalist. Prior to this Yasmin played 'Trixie' on SBS's award winning show 'Legally Brown.' Yasmin has studied at various institutions including the University of Western Australia, National Institute of Dramatic Art, Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York amongst many others. Read more on iMDB