Netflix Movies Starring Willard Parker

As New York-born Worster Von Eps, he was a meter reader who turned professional tennis player but, in 1937, at the age of 25, he parlayed his fair-haired good looks and obvious athleticism into an acting career and changed his name to an easier-sounding marquee moniker, Willard Parker. After a number of uncredited film roles and a couple of appearances on the Broadway stage with "Johnny Belinda" (1940) and "Lady in the Dark" (1943), he was signed by Columbia in the 1940s and moved into "B" movie leads and co-leads. A reliable player, most of his roles, which fell into the action adventure category, went by unnoticed, including the swashbuckling film The Fighting Guardsman (1946), and the western actioneers Calamity Jane and Sam Bass (1949), Apache Drums (1951), The Great Jesse James Raid (1953), Lone Texan (1958) and his "Cole Younger" in Young Jesse James (1960). Read more on iMDB