Netflix Movies Starring Will Keenan

Will Keenan is a producer, actor, director, writer, consultant and stuntman who attended New York University while majoring in theater and studying psychology, philosophy and dance. Keenan has acted in and worked on producing more than 20 independent films made in New York City, Hollywood and Bollywood which have been screened worldwide. He started his career in underground and cult movies, performing lead roles in Tromeo and Juliet and Love God (Good Machine now Focus Features). Some of his starring and producing credits include "Politics of Love", "The Ghastly Love of Johnny X", "Chop", "Terror Firmer", "Margarita Happy Hour", "The Love Machine", "Hoofboy", "OMC", "Hisss" and "Trick" among others. In 2004 Keenan played the role of "Billy Tripley" in a popular episode of Law and Order: SVU rumored to be about Michael Jackson as reported by NBC's Access Hollywood and the New York Post's Page Six and others. Read more on iMDB