Netflix Movies Starring Suzanne Whang

Suzanne Whang is an actor, television host, stand-up comedian, author, keynote speaker, radio host, writer, teacher, coach, Universal Life minister, and political activist. As an actor, Suzanne has appeared in numerous television series, including a hilarious recurring role as Polly the oversexed spa manager on Las Vegas (2003), a memorable guest starring role as the young Mrs. Lee on Cold Case (2003), and co-starring roles on Two and a Half Men (2003), Boston Legal (2004), Still Standing (2002), Criminal Minds (2005), Nip/Tuck (2003), The Practice (1997), Strong Medicine (2000), Robbery Homicide Division (2002), Norm (1999), and NYPD Blue (1993). She appears in the Keanu Reeves feature film Constantine (2005) as a screaming mother whose daughter is possessed by soldier demons. Suzanne did another feature film called Traci Townsend (2007) which debuted at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles -- her scene-stealing role as a wise manicurist got audience applause! She also did a cameo appearance in the Hilary Duff feature, Material Girls (2006). Read more on iMDB