Netflix Movies Starring Rosemary Forsyth

A tall, slender, highly attractive blonde, Canadian-born leading lady Rosemary Forsyth was born in Montreal. In the mid 1960s, she was groomed by Universal after a stretch as a model and a sprinkling of small time TV parts. The soft, demure beauty showed quite a bit of promise amid the rugged surroundings as the young ingénue or romantic co-star to a number of top male veterans. James Stewart in Shenandoah (1965), Charlton Heston in The War Lord (1965), and both Dean Martin and Alain Delon in Texas Across the River (1966) all utilized her services in their respective film. Married to actor Michael Tolan at the time, she suddenly took a leave of absence from filming to have a child. While the occasion, of course, was a joyous and fulfilling one, it managed to put a permanent damper on her career. Read more on iMDB