Netflix Movies Starring Ronit Elkabetz

Born in Beershaba in 1964, Ronit was an awkward child who felt she was different from others but when she became an actress (more or less by chance at the age of 24) with a star role in Daniel Wachsmann's 'Hameyu'ad', this complex became an asset. This beautiful brunette realized she could relate to the rest of the world by expressing her inner emotions. Since then she has made few films, but many of major importance such as 'Hatuna Meuheret' (by Dover Koshshvili), Alila (by Amos Gitai and 'Or' (by Keren Yedeya), in which she embodies wives, prostitutes or dope fiends marked by life. She has even co-scripted and co-directed the excellent 'Ve'Lakhta Lehe Isha' with her brother Schlomi. Both are preparing the second part due to be filmed in 2008, 'Seven Days'. She was wonderful in the recent 'Bikur Ha-Tizmoret' (The Band's Visit) as a kind-hearted lonely heart refusing to wilt in her desert town. Read more on iMDB