Netflix Movies Starring Robert Glaudini

Italian-American actor Robert Glaudini made his film debut in the 1971 comedy Lady Liberty (1971) (aka "La mortadella"). Glaudini starred in two offbeat experimental features for underground independent filmmaker Jon Jost: he's seedy private investigator "Frank Goya" in Angel City (1977) and the titular scuzzy drug dealer in Chameleon (1978). Robert gave a solid and engaging performance as edgy hero "Dr. Paul Dean" in the enjoyably cruddy futuristic 3-D sci-fi/horror schlocker Parasite (1982). Glaudini was effectively nasty as evil magician "DelGatto" in The Alchemist (1983). Robert's other memorable cinematic roles are scientist "Dr. Wolf" in the quirky science fiction sleeper Wavelength (1983), sleazy wrestling promoter "Dr. Tweed" in Grunt! The Wrestling Movie (1985), "FBI agent Nash" in the powerful Mississippi Burning (1988), and creepy high school janitor "Shultz" in the fun teen slasher romp Cutting Class (1989). Read more on iMDB