Netflix Movies Starring Robert Fuller

An only child, Robert Fuller was born as: Buddy Lee in Troy, New York, where his stepfather, Robert Simpson, Sr., was both a dance instructor and a Naval Academy officer, and Betty Simpson, was also a dance instructor. He and his family moved to Key West, Florida, where Lee had been raised. Between acting and dancing, those were the highlights of his life, especially that his parents owned a dancing school. In actuality, his parents were both the best dancers. They kept having the best chemistry together until one day, his mother suffered a pinch nerve, which ended her dancing career for good, thus, his father had to dance independent, and with his son, at the same time. Obviously, Fuller is a good dancer, too, as he carried on his parents' tradition. After dropping out of the Miami Military Academy in 1948, he traveled to Hollywood with his family, a couple of years later, where Fuller's first job was a stuntman, that he worked for additional hours. Read more on iMDB