Netflix Movies Starring Robert Fields

Robert Fields has always been a far busier stage actor than a film performer, but this hasn't prevented him from appearing in a number of notable theatrical and made-for-television features. His acting debut came in 1958 when he was chosen for the role of Tony, one of the teenagers in The Blob (1958), an independently produced sci-fi/horror film being shot in Pennsylvania. Fields was a friend of Steve McQueen, who starred in the film, and their scenes together had a dynamism in the acting that made them one of the most effective parts of the movie, which has since developed a cult following. Fields was absent from films for the next decade but did a considerable amount of theater work, including Marat/Sade on Broadway. He next appeared on screen in The Incident (1967), a tense drama about a group of people victimized by a pair of thugs on a New York City subway. Read more on iMDB