Netflix Movies Starring Pooja Shah

Pooja Shah was born on 8th August 1979 in North London in a Kenyan-Asian family. Grandparents migrated to Kenya from Gujarat in Western India and so the ancestral roots are there. After studying at local Nursery, Infants and Junior school, she did GCSE at a Girls Grammar School. Took a year out from studies and worked part-time at the Finchley Youth Theatre. She had been a regular member of the Theatre from the age of 12. Did A levels in Performing Arts and Film Studies at a North London College. Straight after the college Pooja Shah went to The University Of Brighton for three years. She graduated in 2001 with a BA Hons Degree in Theatre With Visual Practice. Pooja Shah trained as an Indian Classical Dancer from very young age and continued till she went to the University. Read more on iMDB