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GONE TOO FAR follows two estranged teenage brothers over the course of a single day as they meet for the first time, and struggle to accept each other for who they are. Yemi can't wait for ...

  • Destiny Ekaragha
  • Poisson Rouge Pictures
  • British Film Institute (BFI)
When British teenager Yemi meets his long lost Nigerian brother Ikudaisy, he quickly finds his estranged sibling's African heritage and unimpressive socks and sandals fashion sense a blight on his own street cred, particularly when trying to impress local trouble-making temptress Armani. As simmering adolescent passions and West Indian-African tensions erupt over the course of one day on their estate, both Yemi and Ikudaisy must decide where their loyalties lie. Adapted from Bola Agbaje's Olivier award-winning play, the film is a delightfully funny tale from the endz of Peckham that still finds the space to address serious racial tensions.


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