Netflix Movies Starring Owen Kwong

Owen Kwong was born on May 21 and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He was kicked out of his high school drama class and was told never to come back. Owen did not return to acting till a few years after high school. His first TV gig was on Fringe created by JJ Abrams which is one of his favorite directors. Since then he has also worked on Arrow, Covert Affairs and Alcatraz to name a few. He booked his very first professional audition which was for a Buick car commercial. He also booked his very first modeling go-see. Owen recently moved to Toronto about 2 years ago to further expand his career. He strongly believes in paying it forward, connecting people together and helping people in need. Owen loves telling jokes and making people laugh. In his spare time he enjoys meditating, reading and writing stories. Read more on iMDB