Netflix Movies Starring Morgana Shaw

Beginning her career as a dancer in Dallas, Texas, Morgana moved quickly into acting roles. Her breakthrough performance came in the television movie, "A Promise to Carolyn", playing the younger version of award-winning actress, Shirley Knight. In this television movie, featuring Delta Burke and Swoosie Kurtz, Morgana discovered a willingness to portray the darker side of human nature. "I've never been afraid to look into the places that most people wouldn't", Morgana says. And her characterizations - from Mab on Salem (the madam of the local whorehouse) to her work on "Friday Night Lights", "Mad Money" with Diane Keaton, and countless other roles, she brings a bravery and authenticity to every character. Morgana's latest project, in 2015, is a one-woman show on the life of the legendary Bette Davis. Read more on iMDB