Netflix Movies Starring Michael Daingerfield

Nominated for 2 Leo Awards as an actor, a ubcp/actra Award for Best Voice and a Leo Award for Screenwriting, Michael Daingerfield has been in the business for twenty years, working in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver. He's appeared in over sixty film and television roles; including Dreamcatcher opposite Morgan Freeman, Catwoman opposite Benjamin Bratt, The Messengers opposite Dylan McDermott and Tooth Fairy starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. In Television, Michael has had recurring Guest Starring roles on Smallville as Gordon Godfrey, Hermes on Olympus and Ned Foster on Arrow. Michael is also one of the busiest and most versatile voice artists in North America, his voice has appeared in over a thousand projects in various radio and TV commercials, animated series', promos, video games, and documentaries all over the world. He just completed narrating the 1st season of Cabin Truckers and the 6th season of Ice Pilots NWT. Read more on iMDB