Netflix Movies Starring Madge Kennedy

In 1906, Madge went to New York City to study at the Art Students League where she hoped to become an illustrator. This lasted until she appeared in a student musical, which led to a full time job in a traveling stock company. By 1912, Madge was a Broadway Star with the bedroom farce "Little Miss Brown". For the next five years, Madge continued to find success on Broadway appearing in similar roles. Within 3 months of the formation of Goldwyn Pictures, Sam Goldwyn had signed Madge Kennedy to a big movie contract. Goldwyn was at his best when it came to publicity. It was Goldwyn himself who gave Madge the title of "winsome", and Madge was as winsome and sweet as her light comedies suggested. Some of her films were 'Baby Mine (1917)', 'Our Little Wife (1918)', The Kingdom of Youth (1918)' and 'Dollars and Sense (1920)'. Read more on iMDB