Netflix Movies Starring Laird Macintosh

Laird Macintosh, born in Evanston Illinois, moved with his family to Los Angeles and started a career in the Entertainment Industry at an early age. By twenty-five, Laird had worked behind the camera and was credited in the production of several Feature Films. Laird moved in front of the camera as an actor, after training with the late Susan Peretz, combining his accomplishments as an award-winning Magician, Print Model and Actor. Laird now works in several mediums, including Film, Television, and Stage. Laird's dramatic and comedic past credits include Alexander (2004), Rules of Engagement (2000), Nurse Betty (2000), Saving Private Ryan (1998) and several other television credits, ranging from CSI: NY (2004), NCIS (2003), One on One (2001) and Band of Brothers (2001), is a complement to his two current television projects, as the host of both NBC's new series, Treasure Hunters (2006), and OLN's Ultimate Playground (2005). Read more on iMDB