Netflix Movies Starring Kevin Copeland

Kevin Copeland was born on January 6th, 1967 in Columbus, Ohio. He is the youngest of two raised by his mother who worked for a government defense agency liaising with the NSA, CIA, and FBI. Due to the secrecy involved Kevin still doesn't know fully what her career with the agency entailed. Growing up he didn't have a father figure in his life to help steer him in a direction conducive to finding what his calling in life would be. At a young age Copeland had a vivid imagination and often created imaginary friends and worlds mentally and physically to help fill the void of not having a male figure in the house to confide in. After bouts of truancy from school and periods restlessness his passion for film at a young age came after auditioning for a dance musical adaptation of 'Grease' one summer at a make-shift recreational center where he won the part of 'Danny'. Read more on iMDB