Netflix Movies Starring Katt Shea

Katt Shea was born in 1957 in Detroit, Michigan. She grew up in a quiet Detroit suburb and graduated from the University of Michigan with honors. Shea worked for a short spell as a teacher in the Detroit public school system. At age 19, Katt drove her Volkswagen to Hollywood, California. She did a fleeting stint as a model and briefly attended UCLA. Shea soon started acting in either small parts or more substantial co-starring roles in such movies as My Tutor (1983), Scarface (1983), Hollywood Hot Tubs (1984), Barbarian Queen (1985), and the superior slasher sequel Psycho III (1986), making an especially memorable appearance in the latter as one of Norman Bates' victims. Shea made her promising debut as both writer and director with the sexy and stylish thriller Stripped to Kill (1987). She also did the equally solid sequel. Read more on iMDB