Netflix Movies Starring Johnny Ray Rodriguez

Johnny Ray Rodriguez (Producer/Actor) From sitcoms to soap operas, plays, musicals, CD recordings, stand-up comedy, dance and films, this native New Yorker from the Bronx is a major force in the entertainment industry of Puerto Rico. As a performer in San Juan, Telemundo acted as his first big arena to showcase his many talents. Starring in TV shows like: "No Te Duermas", (Don't Fall Asleep) "Esto No Es Un Show", (This Is Not A Show) "Minga Y Petraca" and "Vente Conmigo" (Come With Me) has placed Johnny Ray up close and personal with fans and critics alike. With his award winning TV show, "Esto No Es Un Show", his skills as a producer, director, writer and choreographer, were always put to the test as he churned out a new episode week after week. With this experience, he produced, directed, co-wrote and starred in the made for TV movie, "Vamo' a Escascararnos" which aired on Telemundo and can now be seen on Youtube. Read more on iMDB