Netflix Movies Starring John Amplas

Capable and likable baby-faced actor John Amplas was born on June 23, 1949 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Amplas was outstanding as a troubled and disturbed teenager who thinks he's a vampire in George Romero's fantastic horror winner "Martin." John has appeared in several other pictures for Romero: he's a Hispanic gang member, Zombie, and Biker in the immortal "Dawn of the Dead" (Amplas was also the casting director for this film), a jester in the quirky "Knightriders," a lethal shambling zombie in the immensely enjoyable anthology outing "Creepshow," and a nerdy scientist in the grim "Day of the Dead." Amplas was miscast, but still solid as an FBI agent in "Bloodeaters" and was chilling as a vicious backwoods Satanist in "Midnight." He gave a fine performance as a weary single blue collar guy in the poignant "No Pets. Read more on iMDB