Netflix Movies Starring Joe Reegan

Joe will soon be seen in the feature film Outpost 37: Alien Outpost, directed by Emmy award winner, Jabbar Raisani. Outpost 37 tells a story of an elite unit of soldiers in the wake of a post-apocalyptic invasion. He is currently developing Craig Borten's, (writer of Dallas Buyer's Club), next feature film. Joe recently finished co-writing the film adaptation of the off Broadway play, Kid Champion, made famous by Christopher Walken during the 1970's. His previous feature credits include: the Sundance darling, I Melt With You, as part of a dynamic cast which included Carla Gugino, Thomas Jane, Jeremy Piven, Rob Lowe and BAFTA nominee Christian McKay. Joe's first experience with Sundance Film Festival was in 2005 where he made his debut starring in the Frank E. Flowers film Swallow, an Official Sundance Selection and multiple award-winning film. Read more on iMDB