Netflix Movies Starring Jeff Daniel Phillips

A native of Chicago, Jeff Daniel Phillips' artistic pursuits began in Fine Arts abroad and evolved into Film Making at USC. After graduation, he developed a career both behind and in front of the camera. Jeff is probably best known for his originating the Geico Caveman character, appearing in the majority of commercial spots, the Television show and multiple Internet sites. In addition to his Commercial work, he has delivered award-winning performances on stage in the states and Europe, on television and in films such as Sneakers, Zodiac and most recently, a western titled,The Last Duane with Danny Trejo and Jason Patric. Recognizing Jeff's dedication to character work, Rob Zombie has continually cast him in his most prominent roles to date: Halloween II, the upcoming Eugene S. Van Dekak web series for the Nerdist Channel and The Lords of Salem, marking Jeff's first leading role in a major motion picture. Read more on iMDB