Netflix Movies Starring Jay Paulson

Jay Paulson's start in entertainment came in the ninth grade, when he missed the school bus and some students talked him into auditioning for the school play. He was cast as a lead in the middle school production of Jean-Claude Van Italie's "Interview," and in every high school production thereafter. In eleventh grade, he starred in Kaufman and Hart's "Once in a Lifetime," caught the eye of a talent manager in the audience, and has been working professionally ever since. Paulson's first major television role was as the series regular Sean on the comedy "Cybill," which he played for two years. Next he played the detective savant Carl Zernial in the Gary David Goldberg series, "Battery Park." Additional television credits include guest appearances on "Studio 60" and "The West Wing," as well as "NYPD Blue" and "Just Shoot Me. Read more on iMDB