Netflix Movies Starring Jack Barry

Jack Barry was born March 20, 1918, In his adult years, he did saloon work until Dan Enright said they should go into game shows. He hosted Winky Dink and You, the first example of interactive TV. He later went on to host Juvenile Jury and Life Begins at 80. In 1956, he hosted Twenty-One, Tic Tac Dough and the first four episodes of Concentration. Barry was involved in the quiz show scandals which brought Barry & Enright down. During the 60s, he hosted the highly unsuccessful Reel Game, and in 1972, he hosted The Joker's Wild, In 1976. He made a revival of Break the Bank, with former You Don't Say! host Tom Kennedy as emcee. Even though the show was successful, it was cancelled after only 15 weeks, and Barry hosted a syndicated version that proven unsuccessful. Read more on iMDB