Netflix Movies Starring Július Satinský

Was born on August 20, 1941 in Bratislava, then the capital of pro-Nazi Slovakia. His family was pretty wealthy, his grandfather being landowner and uncle running one of the biggest restaurants in Bratislava. He studied at pedagogical school, acted in amateur drama and radio plays. In 1958 won a declamatory competition, "Hviezdoslavov Kubín". Studied Arts University of Bratislava, his major was dramaturgy (1962-1966). In 1964-1967 worked for Czechoslovak Television's branch in Bratislava. His movie debut was Vzdy mozno zacat (It's never late to begin). From 1959 till his death formed a unique duo of comics with Milan Lasica. They wrote their own performances that were performed in tatra revue and Divadelné stúdio (later Divadlo na Korze)- Soiréé, Radostná správa pre vsetkých, ktorí majú tazkosti s mechúrom ("Happy news for all who have difficulties with their bladder") (1967-71). Read more on iMDB