Netflix Movies Starring Igor Breakenback

Igor Smiljevic, a method actor and all-round trained stuntman, started on the Austrian television at the age of 15. Soon he went on to act in movie projects in the USA, Asia, Europe, and Australia. As he is more and more getting recognized by the industry not just as an actor, but as a stuntman, writer, and producer, Igor looks like the next long awaited action hero in Hollywood. When he is not working on a project, Igor still performs and raises the standards at stunt festivals worldwide. His latest stunt was a reenactment from the movie "Fast & the Furious". In the original movie this stunt has won the 2003 Taurus Stunt Awards for the best car stunt. Igor and his stunt team have added an explosion to raise the bar in this, since the movie, first staged stunt to take away the Kollosseum Stunt Awards. Read more on iMDB