Netflix Movies Starring Hilary Shepard

Born and raised in New York City, In the late 1980s, Hilary Shepard, whose also sometimes credited under her married name Hilary Shepard-Turner, was a lead singer and percussionist in the short-lived all-girl group the American Girls. When that group disbanded, she turned to acting. Appearing in numerous motion picture and television series, Shepard is best known for playing the character of the evil pirate queen Divatox, in the "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie" and after a maternity leave, returned to the role during the latter half of ''Power Rangers Turbo'', replacing Carol Hoyt. She also had two roles on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine": the Benzite ensign Hoya and Lauren, one of the genetically enhanced humans. She also played Zena in the film ''Scanner Cop''. Shepard and actress Daryl Hannah co-created two board games, "Love It or Hate It" and "LIEbrary," the latter having been previewed by Hannah on ''The Ellen DeGeneres Show'' in December of 2005. Read more on iMDB