Netflix Movies Starring Hallvard Holmen

Hallvard Holmen is a Norwegian actor,director and writer. Since graduating from The Oslo National Academy of Dramatic Arts (KHiO), Hallvard has been working at Rogaland Teater, The National Theater, and The Norwegian Theatre. During his years at the theatre he has played many different roles, such as Danny in "Danny and the deep blue sea" (John Patrick Shanley), Mercutio in "Romeo and Juliet", Hamlet in "Hamlet". Working with the Norwegian dance theater company, Jo Strømgren Kompani, he won The Cuban Critic Award for Best Show in 2011, with the performance "The Society". This performance also received "The best of the best award" at the Perth Festival 10.(Australia) In addition to his stage work, Hallvard has starred in several movies and TV-series in Norway, Sweden and England. He has been nominated twice for best actor in "Gullruten" ,( The Norwegian Television Award) for the TV Serie "Himmelblå" (2009 and 2010). Read more on iMDB