Netflix Movies Starring Gustav Knuth

Gustav Knuth was born on 7 July 1901 in Brunswick, Germany. After he received acting lessons from Casimir Paris, a well known actor at that time, he made his stage debut at the Stadttheater Heidelberg in 1918. Later, he played in Hamburg and also in Basel, Switzerland, but finally returned to Hamburg. In 1935, his first movie Der Ammenkönig (1935) became a unexpected success and many more such as the legendary Port of Freedom (1944) or the Sissi (1955) trilogy in the 1950s followed. After World War II, his stage career continued in Switzerland, where he lived in Küsnacht and was ensemble member at the Schauspielhaus Zurich. On 1 February 1987, he died of a stroke in Neu-Münster near Zurich, Switzerland. Read more on iMDB