Netflix Movies Starring Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick

Grayson is an actor who hails from Alabama. Roll Tide! He began his acting career less than 2 short years ago and has the credits to prove it. In high demand, Grayson works coast to coast and will soon be entertaining audiences worldwide in roles opposite icons such as Mark Wahlberg, Will Farrell and Shia LaBeouf just to name a few. This red headed, freckle faced ball of fire stands out in any crowd both professionally and with his winning personality. Grayson is driven and passionate in all of his endeavors. Something near and dear to his heart are his efforts in fund raising opportunist for children living with and fighting cancer. He cannot wait for the day he is old enough to be an official advocate and ambassador for cancer research foundations. This busy actor is on the move and having a fantastic time bringing to life characters he feels privileged and honored to play. Read more on iMDB