Netflix Movies Starring Giuseppe Andrews

Giuseppe Andrews was born in Key Largo, Florida. His real name is Joey Andrews, but as he grew up he thought his name sounded too young and changed it to Giuseppe after Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi. After his parents divorced, Andrews became interested in acting. He and his father moved to Los Angeles because of his father's work, and for a time lived in a van. One day he saw an ad in a magazine for auditions for an agency and decided to go for it. He was signed up and says that it was really hard to get into the industry, but he was very lucky. Since that time he has been in many films, television movies and programs, and music videos. He is best known as his role for Lex in Detroit Rock City (1999) and for his role as Germ on the TV series Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (1998). Read more on iMDB