Netflix Movies Starring Gene Barry

With effortless class and elegant charm, Gene Barry took 50s and 60s TV by storm after a rather lackluster start on the musical stage and in films. Born Eugene Klass in New York City on June 14, 1919, the son of Martin, an amateur violinist, and Eva Klass, an amateur singer, he showed a gift at an early age as a violin virtuoso during adolescence (obviously inherited from his father). Attending various public schools, he graduated valedictorian from New Utrecht High School.Possessing a naturally attractive baritone voice, he concentrated on singing after breaking his arm playing football in school ended thoughts of a symphonic career. At age 17 he earned a singing scholarship awarded by David Sarnoff, then head of RCA, to the Chatham Square School of Music and studied there for two years. In the meantime Gene found work in nightclubs, choirs, fairs and emceeing variety shows, and briefly appeared on the vaudeville stage and on radio (winning a prize on Arthur Godfrey's "Talent Scouts" program). Read more on iMDB