Netflix Movies Starring Gary Hershberger

Gary Hershberger was born April 5, 1964 in Inglewood, California. He was raised in North Hollywood, California and then moved to small town San Marino with his mother, Jane, and his father Richard, a lawyer, and his older sister, Linda. Drawn to the creative arts from an early age, Gary fell in love with theatre, and it charted his course through high school and at UCLA. At college, he starred in student Shane Black's (Lethal Weapon) play It Never Rains, and soon after was working consistently in film and television throughout college. Gary soon broke through and was part of the all-star ensemble in groundbreaking series such as Twin Peaks (as Mike "The Snake" Nelson), and later in two seasons of Six Feet Under as the nefarious, guy-you-loved-to-hate Mr. Gilardi. One of his standout performances was playing the younger, college-aged Robert Redford character in the charming romp action film, Sneakers. Read more on iMDB