Netflix Movies Starring Fionn Whitehead

From a family of Londoners, Fionn Whitehead was born and raised in Richmond Upon Thames, Surrey (South west of England and also one of the home counties bordering Greater London). He is the son of Tim and Linda Whitehead, and has three older siblings: sisters Maisie and Hattie, and brother Sonny. Maisie, the eldest of the four, is a dancer and an Aerialist-Yoga enthusiast, while Hattie is a folk artist who has released a folk album. Named after Irish folk legend Fionn mac Cumhaill, Whitehead grew up in an artistic environment, much due to the fact that his father, Tim Whitehead, is an acclaimed British jazz musician who, having a law degree from Manchester University, decided to pursue music instead. He had a long and varied career as a jazz composer, performer and teacher. Tim has played extensively throughout the UK and Europe, and more recently in the USA with American pianist Phil DeGreg. Read more on iMDB