Netflix Movies Starring Elle Downs

Elle Downs is a sixth generation Canadian of African Canadian and Native American (Cherokee Indian) descent. Her father was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Born an only child in Toronto, she was raised by her great grandmother and great aunt, Louise and Clara Little (Bell). Elle has been interested in the arts from the early age of four. She often had visions of dancing and being on television. Throughout her early years she has taken piano lessons and acted in local theater plays. In high school she created a dance group called the `Hot Ice Dancers' and found her greatest love performing in front of audiences. Elle partook in three beauty pageants in her teens finishing third runner up and first runner up. She won the title of Miss Black Canada in the nineties. Since, Elle has been developing her career as an actor appearing in TV series' such as Kevin Hill, Monk and 1-800-MISSING, as well as appearing in the feature film Godsend starring Robert DeNiro. Read more on iMDB