Netflix Movies Starring Eleanor Bron

There is one strange, mesmerizing film scene that easily sums up the disturbing fascination Eleanor Bron brought to her characters on stage, TV and in the cinema. This is the classic fig-eating scene which she shares with Alan Bates in the Oscar-winning drama Women in Love (1969). It is not to be missed. A dark, cold-eyed, ethnic-looking beauty, the unsmiling Eleanor would typically be cast as unapproachable, unsympathetic and intensely neurotic second leads/supports in classy film drama and costumers. And yet, there was another distinct side to her as well. In direct contrast to all the murkiness usually associated with her, Eleanor was a talented writer and performer of TV series comedy! Eleanor was born in Stanmore, London in 1938 of Eastern European Jewish descent. The family's surname was Bronstein, but abbreviated to Bron by father Sidney, an established music publisher (Bron's Orchestral Service). Read more on iMDB