Netflix Movies Starring Delia Boccardo

Stunning Italian actress Delia Boccardo was an eye-catching beauty who posed in over sixty international films. Born in Genoa, Italy in 1948, she made her debut in a 'spaghetti western' at age 18 and went on to routinely provide diverting and seductive decoration in numerous tales of intrigue and other outdoor adventure. In her third film she made her first English-speaking appearance as leading lady to Alan Arkin in the misguided comedy Inspector Clouseau (1968) with Arkin briefly replacing Peter Sellers as the thoroughly inept French detective. Additional European-filmed appearances by Boccardo include co-star to some of Europe's most virile and handsome actors of the 1970s: Franco Nero in Un detective (1969), Bekim Fehmiu in the US-produced epic The Adventurers (1970), Lou Castel in Stress (1971), and even found herself a co-star to skier Jean-Claude Killy in Snow Job (1972). Read more on iMDB