Netflix Movies Starring Deborah Raffin

Deborah Raffin was one of two female co-stars in the hugely popular TV mini-series Noble House (1988) adapted from the 1981 bestseller of the same name by James Clavell. Ms. Raffin played the part of Casey Tcholok, vice-president of corporate raider Par-Con Industries. Her character is clever, beautiful & all-business. She's utterly disrespected as a woman in an all-male business world but quickly proves she can hold her own. She eventually falls for The Taipan of Struan's, the company known as 'The Noble House' (for which the novel & mini-series were named), Ian Struan Dunross, played by Pierce Brosnan. After the untimely death of her boss and possible love interest American billionaire Linc Bartlett - played by Ben Masters - she becomes Taipan of Par-con & agrees to return to Hong Kong in 30 days to pursue a hinted-at marriage to Dunross. Read more on iMDB