Netflix Movies Starring Dawn Dunlap

Adorable baby doll brunette beauty Dawn Dunlap had a regrettably fleeting film career from the late 70s up until the mid 80s. Dawn was born in 1963 in Austin, Texas. She made her debut at age 16 in the titular role of a lovely and naive, yet enticing ballet dancer in the steamy soft-core feature "Laura." Dunlap was especially memorable as sweet space station crew member Tracy Baxter in the entertainingly trashy "Alien" rip-off "Forbidden World." Dunlap's sole mainstream movie credit was a small role as hooker Maxine in Ron Howard's hilarious comedy "Night Shift." Alas, following her sizable co-starring part as Lana Clarkson's innocent little sister Taramis in the hugely enjoyable "Barbarian Queen" Dawn Dunlap called it a day as an actress and went back to her native Texas. Read more on iMDB