Netflix Movies Starring Courtney Halverson

Courtney Halverson, born in Southern California, is successfully building a diverse career playing a variety of roles in film, television and commercials. A natural redhead with sparkling green eyes, Courtney began her acting career at an early age in local stage productions, music videos and independent films. A high school graduate at age 15, Courtney has continued to pursue an education in tandem with her acting career. In addition to acting Courtney enjoys photography, cooking, fashion and writing. She is also interested in working behind the camera and has been working on a few scripts for film and television. Courtney is involved with several charitable causes including 'New Leash On Life', a non-profit animal rescue organization. Courtney is an avid traveler and has journeyed to England, Argentina, Uruguay and the Bahamas both for business and pleasure. On the home front she has filmed projects in California, Oklahoma, New York and Alaska. Read more on iMDB