Netflix Movies Starring Clint Browning

Clint Browning is a native of Kirksville, Missouri. The son of Glen Browning, a local doctor, Clint attended and graduated from Kirksville High School in 1996. First began acting in high school plays and during his high school years. Utilizing his charming features, Clint has been featured in Harley-Davidson commercials to print ads in Gentleman's Quarterly magazine. After leaving college in Arizona, Clint made the move to Los Angeles, California to pursue his interest in acting. His career began in 2007 with a minor role in a film short called "Luck of the Draw". Years after, from 2008 into the 2010s, Clint became a steady casting choice for the small-budget production company The Asylum. The first project he worked in for The Aslyum was a leading role in the direct-to-video actioner "Street Racer". This was followed in succession, the next year by another direct-to-video feature "Countdown: Jersusalem" with a seamless step into the next Sci-Fi feature "The Terminators" (2009) (V). Read more on iMDB