Netflix Movies Starring Cliff Gorman

Queens-born actor Cliff Gorman, who peaked on stage and in film in the 1970s, was of solid New York stock and well-represented his city throughout his acting career. Short statured, with a set chin, eyes slightly askew, and dark, ethnic looks, his working-class characters reeked of New York realism. Career-wise, it gave Gorman an unsympathetic veneer, taking keen advantage of it especially on the award-winning stage and in a handful of strong film/TV roles. His versatility was obvious -- he was often cast to strut about as a smug and smarmy ladies' man; or berate club patrons as a lewd, below-the-belt entertainer; or portray corrupt cops known for playing by their own rules. Gorman blended easily into the seamy atmosphere of New York's underbelly anywhere and anytime. Known for adding an exciting, dangerous quality to the characters he imbued, it made him fascinating, at the very least, even when the storyline itself wasn't. Read more on iMDB