Netflix Movies Starring Catalin Babliuc

Born in 1983, Romania, by Elena Babliuc (teacher) and Constantin Babliuc (police officer). By the age of 7 proved excellent skills in dancing, singing, story telling and even poetry. By the age of 14, Catalin was already well known by his teachers as one of the talented pupils. The high-school years were followed at one of his hometown's best, where he had the chance to make contact with actors like Lenus Teodora, Daniel Badale and even directors like well-known Ion Sapdaru. Being noticed as one of the gifted actors from his high-school generation, Catalin decided to follow the "Babes-Bolyai University of Drama". After one year of disappointing activity, Catalin Babliuc managed to transfer himself at the I'L' Caragiale Drama and Cinema University of Romanian capital, Bucharest. Here, he found excellent teachers like Radu and Roxana Colceag, Doru Ana, Radu Gabriel, and also had the opportunity of collaborating with big names of the Romanian stage. Read more on iMDB