Netflix Movies Starring Brice Fisher

Brice Fisher is a creative young teen actor performing roles within the comedy to drama genres in film and television. His newest film project is "Lemon Drop" (as Kyle), starring Sammi Lappin, Sam Laduke, Lee Pollero and Marcus Henderson. He's in the movie "Kidnap" (as Tyler), starring Halle Berry and "The Tribes of Palos Verdes" (as Danny), starring Jennifer Garner. Recently Brice was on the TNT drama show "The Librarians" playing a young Sean Astin in the role of Young Kirby. Previously Brice played a bully giving Brick a hard time in "The Middle" (season 7 "Cutting the Cord"). He appeared on the new NBC sitcom "Crowded" (as Joey). He took on a bully role in the holiday feature film "Christmas Trade" (as Francis) starring William Baldwin and Denise Richards. Brice also costarred on two CBS series "Friends with Better Lives", "Criminal Minds" (as Bobby) in the Season 9 pt. Read more on iMDB