Netflix Movies Starring Bob Howard

Before coming a wrestler, Howard was a wielder. Once getting into the wrestling business, Holly was trained by Stan Frazier, Eddie Sullivan and Rip Taylor. Soon, Howard debuted in 1990. Two years later, Holly went to Smokey Moutain Wrestling under the name "Hollywood Bob Holly" before adopting the ring name "Superstar Bob Holly". When debuting in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) (Now called World Wrestling Entertainment), his gimmick was as a NASCAR diver going under the name "Thurman 'Sparky' Plug" and then adopted the name, Bob "Spark Plug" Holly. After years of performing in singles division in the WWE, Holly went into the Hardcore division, billing himself as "Hardcore Holly", which he is still use today and helped him to shoot to fame since his Spark Plug gimmick. During this time, he introduced to his on-screen cousin, Crash Holly, with whom they both the WWE Tag Team Championships, who then later another on-screen cousin, Molly Holly. Read more on iMDB