Netflix Movies Starring Bill Wise

Bill Wise is based in ever-populating Austin, TX and is the proud father of two giant boys: Hartley and Liam. He is a twenty year veteran of stage and screen (large and very tiny). He has worked with internationally renowned filmmaker Richard Linklater as a pool hustler in "Dazed and Confused", the boat car guy in "Waking Life" and Uncle Stevie in "Boyhood". Kickstarter voted his "Gill Webb Show with Bruce and Kelly" as one of it's "Best Twelve Videos" of 2011 out of over 30,000 submissions. His latest venture as co-producer and lead can be seen in the 10 episode webseries: Master Class @ The show won the semi-prestigious Hiscox Audience Award for "Digital Scripted Series" at the Austin Film Festival 2015. He can be seen as Dean Samuelson in RoosterTeeth's celebrity-peppered comedy series "Crunch Time" sometime this Spring. Read more on iMDB