Netflix Movies Starring Bernard Gorcey

Bernard Gorcey was born in Russia in 1888, of Swiss and Jewish descent. Around 1914, he married a Catholic, Irish lady, Josephine Condon (born 1901), and they came to the USA to work in Vaudeville. Bernard was 4' 10" and Josie was 4' 11" and weighed 95 pounds. Bernard kept active in show biz, while Josie would stay home to have and raise their kids. In 1915, 14-year-old Josie gave birth to Fred. In 1917, Leo was born -- they were very poor, Josie had cleared the kitchen table that night, because that is where Leo was born. Bernard was away doing such plays as "Katinka" and "Rose-Marie." In 1921, David was born. Later, Bernard appeared on Broadway, in plays like "Wild Flower" and Oscar Hammerstein's "Song of the Flame." He got the role of Isaac Cohen in Broadway's long-running "Abie's Irish Rose" -- he played for most of the 5 1/2 year run, from May 1922 until October 1927, at last giving him some financial stability (the play, almost autobiographically, was about the travails of a Jewish man and his Irish wife!). Read more on iMDB