Netflix Movies Starring Arif S. Kinchen

Arif S. Kinchen made his acting debut in the American film classic "House Party", starring Kid 'n' Play. Bitten by the acting bug, the Los Angeles native went on to land a starring role in the New Line Cinema short film, "The Jacket", then guest starred on the NBC hit "Saved by the Bell: The New Class," then became a household name as La Marr Hicks, on the UPN hit series "SPARKS." The SPARKS role afforded the young actor the opportunity to reach a large fan base and hone his comedic timing, which in turn landed him an accredited, and all improvised, role in the cult comedy film "Trippin'". He then starred in a string of zany comedies, such as "BeverlyHood" and D.J. Pooh's "The Wash" w/ Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg. More recently, Kinchen starred in the Lionsgate's holiday classic "Christmas in Compton", a family comedy written & directed by David Raynr (Trippin') , had a cameo in the Sci Fi Indie Biopic "The Phoenix Incident", directed by legendary AAA Video Game Director Keith Arem and he Co-Created, Produced and Acted in pilot called "That Show Called Arif. Read more on iMDB