Netflix Movies Starring Allison Mcatee

Allison was raised 20 miles south of Lake Erie, in the small rural farming town of Edinboro, Pennsylvania. Her mother, Sandra Leichtenberger, an ER/Cardiac Care Charge nurse, and her father, Edward McAtee, a teacher and later Director of Special Education programs in Pennsylvania, divorced when Allison was 3 years of age. Both of her parents later remarried. Allison's father comes from a family of nine, so although she has no blood related siblings, Allison was fortunate enough to be surrounded by many cousins, as well as two step brothers growing up. She maintains wonderful relationships with her family and spends as much time as possible where she was raised. At the age of 14, Allison was discovered in a doctor's office by model scout/agent Andrew Broz, with whom she maintains a very close relationship to this day. Read more on iMDB